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"The connection between the outward observation and the inner being is what drives my art, it is not purely based on sight alone, but what I feel. I think that is probably why my work is so tactile, it makes you want to touch it, feel it and explore it with more senses than just sight." Zoe Walker

I studied at The University for the Creative Arts, Farnham where I discovered my love for painting and since have taken part in exhibitions and art fairs. I featured in three editions of The Wold of Interiors magazine and Artist Talk magazine.


My work is spiritual and comes from a place of conflict, confrontation, grief, relief, acceptance and understanding. It grows as I do and represents the lesson I take from every new stage of life I encounter. 

Each painting is completely unique and can only be re-created by a close representation. This is what makes the paintings precious, each one is different just like us!

I am based in Oxford, U.K. and create paintings in my home studio. I can ship paintings globally and work with clients through video call. 

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